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Witness the Enigmatic Sky: Serpent-like Clouds Behold a Bizarre Spectacle

The sky above us is always full of mysteries and interesting things. Have you ever raised your head to the sky and looked at the clouds? So have you ever come across these strange shaped clouds?

Tubular clouds


One morning in April 2010, in the sky over the town of Burketown in Queensland, Australia appeared white “pipes” created by clouds like dragons that looked extremely majestic. This type of cloud usually appears in the early morning or dusk, so it is also known as “dawn and sunset light”. The “pipes” in the sky of Burketown can stretch to about 966km, the fastest moving speed is about 56 km / h, equivalent to the speed of a car.

Noctilucent clouds

Scientists divide noctilucent clouds into four types: visor, filament, wave, and whirlpool. Its color is bright blue or silvery white. It usually appears at dusk when the sun and the horizon form an angle of 6 degrees to 16 degrees. Most scientists believe that the formation of noctilucent clouds requires: low temperature, water vapor and dust, so that the water vapor condenses into microscopic ice crystals. These crystals at an altitude of about 80km will scatter the sun’s rays, making the clouds glow. But there are also some other opinions. To this day, noctilucent clouds remain a mystery.

stalactite clouds

On June 26, after the storm, in the sky of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada appeared strange clouds like “nests” floating.

On the morning of April 25, 2013, Yanji city, Jilin province, China also appeared stalactite clouds.

The form of the emulsion pattern is quite diverse, can be water ripples, spheroidal patches similar to spheres. Clouds stand alone can last for about 10-15 minutes, and when clustered, it can last for several hours.

Cone clouds

This type of cloud often appears on the top of mountains, looking like “mountain with a hat”. In fact, in many areas of volcanic eruptions, one can see cloud cones. In addition to natural volcanic eruptions, people can also create cone clouds, which are atomic bombs. On August 6, 1945, the nuclear bomb “Little Boy” was dropped on the city of Hiroshima. After exploding, a mushroom-shaped cloud flew up high, the top of the mushroom was like a huge cone.

“Clouds of Hope”

On the top of Cang Son-Er Hai, Dali, Yunnan of China, every time between winter and spring, a dark gray cloud often appears, which is called “vuong phu cloud”. As soon as it appeared, the Erhai area appeared a fierce storm, the waves hit the shore in wave after wave. Until a huge rock like a mule at the bottom of the Erhai was blown out, strangely enough, the strong wind gradually weakened, then disappeared without a trace.

In fact, “clouds of hope” are caused by the monsoon and the special topography of this place, which influence each other. The big wind with “clouds of hope” is the wind “Ha Quan”. Due to the topography here, the wind entering here increases sharply, crashing into Ha Quan, pushing the steam to the top of Thuong Son, condensing into “vapor cloud”.

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